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Rex Nordic Airrex AH-800 Infrared Diesel Heater (22 kW/h)

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Airrex AH-800 infrared heater can be used indoors without a separate exhaust pipe to the outside. The device does not emit smoke or burning smells.

The heater can run on Neste MY biodiesel, which is made from fully renewable raw materials, or regular diesel or fuel oil. Winter edition of the fuel should be used at temperatures below 10°C.

Airrex AH-800 is an extremely economical heater. It consumes less than 2 litres of fuel per hour when running. If the outside temperature is +0 °C and you want to maintain an indoor temperature of +15 °C, the heater will consume approximately 4.5 litres of fuel per day in a normally insulated hall of 1,000 m3.

The heater has no fans; it produces solely infrared heat. The infrared radiation heats materials, not air. The heat is distributed evenly in all directions and provides a pleasant warmth even right next to the heater.

Airrex AH-800 is an extremely safe heater. The heat radiating outwards is never scalding, and the heater itself does not become hot. The heater has 12 separate safety systems.

The heater does not require fixed installation and is easy to move to the desired location thanks to its castor wheels. The heater is extremely quiet at only 48 dB.

Airrex AH-800 is a patented solution for the efficient and pleasant heating of many kinds of spaces. The heater is ideal for industrial halls, working areas, machinery shelters, stables, halls, breakrooms, maintenance vehicles, public events, repair shops, terraces, tents and construction sites, for example.

The Airrex AH-800 heater has a one-year factory warranty. You can extend the warranty to three years for free by activating the additional warranty in the online service.

Weight 70 kg