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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
discounts across all ranges

Permaroof UPVC 2 Part Gutter Trim 2.5m Black



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Size 2.5m > Back Plate Dimensions – 75mm Depth, 20mm width (approx) A unique and patented design.

Used along the Gutter edge. It sandwiches the EPDM roofing membrane eliminating penetration when fixing.

It is a 2 part trim sold together and comes in 2.5m lengths.


  • The Gutter back plate must be installed prior to the membrane, the top of the plate must be flush with the deck.
  • The EPDM will overhang approx 50mm , the front plate is then pushed under the hook of the back plate with the membrane between the two, this will then clip into place to form a smooth finish.
  • Extruded using virgin plastic ensuring colour fast, non brittle, identical profiles.
  • Manufactured BSI Quality assured to 99.9% accuracy.



Permaroof Roofing

Permaroof is a trusted manufacturer of top quality roofing products in the UK and has been trading its products since 1999. Offering Firestone EPDM, which is a more environmentally friendly product, Permaroof roofing were one of the first companies to offer this type of product. Permaroof, meaning permanent roof, is a brand that offers exactly that, products that provide you with a long lasting, durable roof. The company has been producing its roofing range for over 14 years and is a well respected name in the industry. At BC Profiles, we stock a number of Permaroof roofing products, including bonding adhesive, formflash tape, gutter trims and more. Our Permaroof building adhesive is a strong adhesive that allows you to bond a number of materials including timber, brick, metal and glass. We also stock Permaroof upvc parts, including gutter trim, edge trim and metal wall flashing, so you can build a high quality roof for any type of building.
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 2500 m




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